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Nettle Cordage Workshop


Sunday Sept 19th 3-6pm

Join us in the cactus lounge for a unique workshop led by local High Desert artist Rachel Lee-Carman (she/her).

From bundling herbs to swinging bridges, the skill of cordage has aided humanity since ancient times. In this workshop you will learn the basics of cording with nettle bark. 

Nettle grows prolifically in the Northwest and is often considered an invasive or weed. The nettle we will use in class has been locally and sustainably harvested.

Dried nettle stalks and a rustic spool will be provided and nettle tea will be served. 

Participants will leave with roughly 20 feet of nettle cordage. 

A few things to note:

Some manual dexterity and strength required! 

A slight tolerance to having hands exposed to nettle (albeit dried) which can be mildly and temporarily irritating to skin. In its fresh verdant form, hair-like fibers on its leaves cause itching and immediate inflammation on the skin. 

But when tamed by drying or boiling, nettle is a delicious tea/broth and a hearty fiber for twisting into strong cordage. Bring thin gardeners gloves if you feel this will be an issue! 

Nettle processing is done seated, utilizing the legs as a base for the cording. For this reason it’s helpful to wear clothing that is non-elastic (canvasy/stiff) or that offers access to the upper thigh (shorts/skirts/dresses).

No previous experience necessary. Open to participants 14+

Nettle Cordage Workshop