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Gettin' Hammered! (or how to mount a jungle cactus)


Thursday February 24th 6pm

We're busting out the hammers and the booze for a fun Thursday night in the lounge!

Did you know there are cacti that grow in the jungle? These cacti are often epiphytes, growing off of rocks and trees, making them the perfect plant to mount on wood and display on a wall! In this workshop, we'll have an assortment of jungle cacti to choose from and will show you how to mount the cactus to a cedar board. We'll cover plant care and tips and tricks for keeping your mounted cactus thriving.

All guests will go home with a mounted jungle cactus! 

Single - $65

Couple - $80 (You and your guest will make one mounted cactus together)


Gettin' Hammered! (or how to mount a jungle cactus)